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*How to be a member and what are the benefits of being a member of this organization?

First, you have to send us an email stating your intent to be a member. Once done, we will send you an agreement form. The benefits of being a member include helping to build support for the United Nations among the American people and elected officials as well as to demonstrate that the American people long for engagement with the UN. Becoming a member of United Nations Association Seattle introduces you to a network of like-minded individuals who have the energy and inspiration necessary to promote the work of the United Nations at the middle class level.

*I am not from Seattle but I want to be a member of this organization. Is it possible for me to join here?

Of course, you can join. We will welcome you with both arms. The organization invites all American people to cooperate and support the United Nations. We highly appreciate if you could join the discussion too. Your help and support has a huge impact to the global crisis right now.

*What does your organization do?

The function of the United Nations Association Seattle is to act like a catalyst to advocate the principles of the United Nations which is to maintain international security in order to fully develop the friendly relationship and cooperation among nations for the purpose of solving international problems and promote respect for human rights and necessary freedoms. We also aim to serve as a center to blend the actions of the nations in attaining these common ends.

About United Nations Association Seattle

This group is a nonprofit organization and is one of the local support chapters of the United Nations. UNA Seattle Chapter encourages the active civic participation in the most important political, social and economic issues facing the world today, from democratic issues ,to equitable and sustainable development, to global issues, and human rights.

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