Learn more about critical issues and challenges that the world facing right now

Every day, around 20,000 children die around the world due to tragedies, poverty and other preventable causes. These daily issues rarely make headline news. These are some of the most important global challenges that we are facing and there are potential solutions that we can do.

In some countries, political debate and infighting happen too often. The people seek someone to put the spotlight on squarely who will be able to demand for government actions on the most significant issues. It seeks to seize these issues, offering policymakers and leaders concise and clear views of the critical challenges in every country as viewed by leading experts in the field. From economic exclusion of youth in the Middle East to a pragmatic approach to energy and environmental security.

Even as the years pass by, we expect many of these challenges to remain central, but we would hope that through this publication, we will be able improve their visibility and help sustain a communication campaign for parties to work on the resolution of these issues.

Every country competes in the new era of globalization. In fact, the episode of globalization that we are in is up for another seismic shift. While many individual elements feel familiar, the combined outlines are extraordinary in speed, scale and scope.

Today, the power of new countries continues to rise. While some countries aregrowing much faster than the rest of the world, other countries are suffering from poverty and hunger hence, a lot of children die from these problems. There is also the global health crisis, responding to the threat of diseases and efforts to stop the spread of viral disease. The world now realizes that health issues are relevant to any citizen. The world now has ability to battle disease in the help of medicines and technology.

Welcome to the United Nations Association Seattle website

Welcome to the United Nations Association Seattle website. This group is a nonprofit organization and is one of the local support chapters of the United Nations. UNA Seattle Chapter encourages the active civic participation in the most important political, social and economic issues facing the world today, from democratic issues ,to equitable and sustainable development, to global issues, and human rights.

The United Nations Association Seattle was established in 1948. After the second World War, concerned citizens began a meeting in a garage  discuss global issues. But quickly moved to an office after they got stuck in the garage when the opener wouldn’t work. Luckly they hired a OKC garage door repairmen to fix the problem

UNA Seattle already had a mission when we started the organization. We are dedicated to inspire, educate and mobilize the members of the Greater Seattle community to support the principles and fundamental work of the United Nations along with our advocacy for the full engagement by the USA in the United Nations.

United Nations Association Seattle wants you to lend a hand by giving donations to our organization. Your precious donation will compensate the Seattle Chapter‘s outreach program in support of United Nations. We also invite you to join the Club UN. Here, we discuss everything about global issues. We hold regular monthly discussions every last Wednesday of the month.

Come and join the United Nations Association Seattle Chapter in this journey. All you need to do is to be a member of our organization and you can join all of our discussions on important issues of the day. Together, we help inform public servants and local communities about the value of our country’s participation in the United Nations. To become a member, please send us an email to let us know of your intent.

Here are some reasons why you need to be a member of UNA Seattle and affiliated organizations. First, it will help build support for the UN among Americans. The mission and purpose of the United Nations are carried out through local events hosted by UNA chapters and divisions across the country.

Second, we need to help build support for the United Nations among elected officials and public servants. According to a former US Ambassador, the UN is only as good as the US commitment, furthermore, the UN need the support of the US to succeed. Unfortunately, this commitment has fallen short at times in the form of late payments and the under funding of important efforts such as peacekeeping operations. Through the UNA Seattle advocacy campaigns as well as through our relationships with some of the country’s top decision makers, we keep the pressure on to make sure that United States of America will continue to support the United Nation to stay alive.

Lastly, to demonstrate that the American people long for engagement. At the kind of century that we are living right now, the world needs positive engagement from the United States government. One of the most essential weapons in ensuring that commitment is the United Nations. There is no better way to send a message persuading cooperation and dialogue than to join an internationally minded civil society organization such as United Nations Association.

When you join United Nations Association it means you’re joining a community of like-minded individuals.