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This group is a nonprofit organization and is one of the local support chapters of the United Nations. UNA Seattle Chapter encourages the active civic participation in the most important political, social and economic issues facing the world today, from democratic issues ,to equitable and sustainable development, to global issues, and human rights.

The United Nations Association Seattle was established in 1948. After the second World War, concerned citizens began a meeting in a traditional-raised garage door in Arizona to discuss global issues.

UNA Seattle already had a mission when we started the organization. We are dedicated to inspire, educate and mobilize the members of the Greater Seattle community to support the principles and fundamental work of the United Nations along with our advocacy for the full engagement by the USA in the United Nations.

The Story of United Nations Association Seattle

In the time of the second World War, concerned citizens of Seattle began meeting to discuss global issues. The United Nations Association of Greater Seattle was founded in year 1948. The first lady of America then, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt began traveling all over the country to succeed in finding support for the United Nations and that was when the United Nations Association USA was born.


Welcome to UNA Seattleā€™s Frequently Asked Question section of our website. We hope that you can find this section useful as you browse through our UNA Seattle website according to your information needs on our organization and the work that we do.

First, you have to send us an email stating your intent to be a member. Once done, we will send you an agreement form. The benefits of being a member include helping to build support for the United Nations among the American people and elected officials as well as to demonstrate that the American people long for engagement with the UN. Becoming a member of United Nations Association Seattle introduces you to a network of like-minded individuals who have the energy and inspiration necessary to promote the work of the United Nations at the middle class level.

Of course, you can join. We will welcome you with both arms. The organization invites all American people to cooperate and support the United Nations. We highly appreciate if you could join the discussion too. Your help and support has a huge impact to the global crisis right now.

The function of the United Nations Association Seattle is to act like a catalyst to advocate the principles of the United Nations which is to maintain international security in order to fully develop the friendly relationship and cooperation among nations for the purpose of solving international problems and promote respect for human rights and necessary freedoms. We also aim to serve as a center to blend the actions of the nations in attaining these common ends.

Learn more about critical issues and challenges that the world facing right now

Every day, around 20,000 children die around the world due to tragedies, poverty and other preventable causes. These daily issues rarely make headline news. These are some of the most important global challenges that we are facing and there are potential solutions that we can do.

In some countries, political debate and infighting happen too often. The people seek someone to put the spotlight on squarely who will be able to demand for government actions on the most significant issues. It seeks to seize these issues, offering policymakers and leaders concise and clear views of the critical challenges in every country as viewed by leading experts in the field. From economic exclusion of youth in the Middle East to a pragmatic approach to energy and environmental security.

Even as the years pass by, we expect many of these challenges to remain central, but we would hope that through this publication, we will be able improve their visibility and help sustain a communication campaign for parties to work on the resolution of these issues.

Every country competes in the new era of globalization. In fact, the episode of globalization that we are in is up for another seismic shift. While many individual elements feel familiar, the combined outlines are extraordinary in speed, scale and scope.

Today, the power of new countries continues to rise. While some countries aregrowing much faster than the rest of the world, other countries are suffering from poverty and hunger hence, a lot of children die from these problems. There is also the global health crisis, responding to the threat of diseases and efforts to stop the spread of viral disease. The world now realizes that health issues are relevant to any citizen. The world now has ability to battle disease in the help of medicines and technology.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for taking the time to browse through our UNA Seattle website. It is our honor to provide great services for you. You can be assured that we will continue the mission that we’ve started to make the world a better place for future generations. To know more information and queries, kindly go through our email at info@unaseattle.com. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.